“ Somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember, a gentleman lived not long ago, one of those who has a lance and ancient shield on a shelf and keeps a skinny nag and a greyhound for racing. ”

We haven’t found a better way to introduce this web site than the sentence that Miguel de Cervantes wrote at the beginning of his novel “Don Quixote”.
In the character of the hidalgo we recognize the dreamer and enthusiast architect. In his struggle against mills and chimeras, we recognize the efforts, often desperate, of the creator to emphasize his ideas and make them become reality. In his sense of honour is the respectability and integrity. These qualities are in the end the necessary attributes of the architect.
The flip side of Don Quixote is Sancho Panza. The inseparable knight’s companion represents the common sense and the measure that softens or sometimes ties down the architect’s frenzy. The frequent conflict between wishes and needs reflect precisely the compromises to which the creator has to yield to become a maker.
These concerns guide our architect’s practice. It a constant effort to keep Don Quixote alive without slipping in the nonchalance of Sancho.
In this site, you will find a wide range of projects we have realized or designed. We have illustrated them with real pictures or digital images.
Sometimes we preferred to show an archieved project with a digital image when the risks of the implementation, the failure of the actors – from whom we don’t exclude ourselves – distorted the initial idea.
In these pages you will meet the people who contribute daily to the success of our projects by their experience, commitment and skills. Our investments in IT are constant and keep us at the edge of the technology to better serve the projects we undertake for our clients.
The permanent and deep relationship with international constructors and engineering companies is a reflection of our capacity to drive complex projects with state of the art production and communication tools.
At the margin of our architectural practise, we have acquired a real expertise on furniture design and creation along the years. We only show selected examples in this site.
To finish, and in order to satisfy the legitimate curiosity of some visitors, a few pages describe some of the aspects of the personality of the architect Mokhtar Mimoun. We thank you for your indulgence.
Please feel free to visit this web site without moderation. We have playfully hidden some links. They lead to hidden pages. surely it won’t take you long to find them.